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5 SEO tips for E-commerce that are real

Top 5 SEO tips for e-commerce for the product detail page

1) add in high-ranking keyword. For example, if you are selling ping pong tables and paddles, you will want to make sure you use the word “ping pong” in as many different ways as possible. This can show in the product description, header tags, product name, and name of the page.

2) Add in low-ranking keywords. The main keyword you may want to rank for might be “ping pong” however there might be other keywords that have high searches such as the keyword “table tennis”. Look for medium searched keywords to use in the description as much.

3) Tell the problem that you are trying to solve. This is probably one of the most forgotten ways to describe your product. You have created this amazing product that solved a problem. If you had to tell your friend about how you came up with this product what is the story you would tell them? It always makes me wonder why we have all these great products that solve so many of our issues but when it comes to the website product page we forget to tell that story.

4) Answer the most popular questions in the images. When consumers keep sending you the same questions this creates opportunities. This is the same idea as how you came up with your genius product and company. When a potential customer keeps asking “is this dishwasher safe” show the product inside the dishwasher in the product images.

5) This one might be the most difficult; “talking” to your potential customer. A consumer signs up for your newsletter, but doesn’t buy. There are some that are just waiting for your product to go on sale, which is fine. Then there are the customers who you want to buy your product but there is something that is missing - what is that? Take the time to look at who signed up for your newsletter and who purchased every week; scrub it and then send an email to the ones that didn’t. Ask them what made them hold back, what questions they had they felt were not answered; ask them everything and then reward them with answers. Better than that take those questions and explain your product in a way that will answer each of those questions.

Here is the deal with e-commerce SEO optimization - it takes time and really trying to learn who is buying from you and why others are not. It is easy to just throw money at digital ads, but here is the real deal, it takes a real brand who has a long term goal to want to reach out to their customers and the customers who didn’t convert to find out the “why”. If one really wants to know how big companies have succeeded - it was because before YouTube was owned by Google, or Google was “Google” all they kept asking is “what do you want to know” and how can we keep giving that to our customers. Keep putting your customers first and the customers who are not customers, they will move your brand forward more than any other ad will do.


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