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Growing a business from scratch

We talk to business owners every day, ranging from e-commerce companies, local plumbers, law firms to just a mom that wants to have a side business. One of the main questions we get asked is 'where do we start with after the website?'


Search Engine Optimization is hard. It is a long process that takes the most amount of time but then suddenly overnight it seems like your traffic is just there. This is why, at Orchard Marketing, we highly encourage our partners to invest in this process. We understand it can be quite frustrating, it is literally waiting for your seed you planted 3-months ago to actually sprout out of the ground.

Here are some quick easy tips for SEO:

1) Rename all images to correlate with your brand or messaging.

2) Update Keywords in title tags, descriptions tags, H1, H2, H3 tags, etc.

3) Look up you keyword frequency - find as many fun different ways to say what you do.

4) Metadata

5) add new content - this can be as simple as a blog.

Hire a professional

We understand that you and your team (even the office dog) can be running all day. We also know that sometimes it is easier to delegate, or hire, a professional to do this. A professional can show you keywords you may not have thought of that can still be beneficial to your company. Professional will make the time to make sure your organic traffic is growing at the rate you are comfortable with. Do your research and make sure you go with one that you are comfortable with and walks you through the process. Just remember, anyone who says "guaranteed" with SEO just run away fast.

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