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Social SEO


Social Content

Social content consists of two services, social postings and/or social SEO services.

Social SEO

Businesses always focus on their website SEO, here we also want to focus on social SEO.  Here are few reasons why:

  • 51% of Facebook users are more likely to buy from a brand they follow.

  • 80% of Facebook users prefer to connect to brands through Facebook.

  • 47% of Americans state Facebook has a greater influence on their purchasing decisions than any other social network.

The idea behind social SEO is to create high engaging posts, to help grow your targeted audience even if you are just opened your doors, have a massive following, or somewhere in the middle.  


  • 90-days of planned posts designed to increase comments and followers.

  • We will focus on the story of your business, and/or products while weaving in high engagement designed for responses​.

  • Consistently focus on keywords important to your business.

  • Track posts to see which ones see the highest engagement and follower increase.  

How it works:

Request for information to have a consultant give you a call.  

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